Are you done tweaking and changing your blog week after week? I know how it is, you pour hours into your site just to come back later and spend even more time trying to get your vibe right.

Where would you be if you could take that time back and pour it into creating content? If you could actually spend it giving the world your voice, your passion, and your ideas... and if you were free to share them without embarrassment or fear. How far could you go?

When I was 10, I would open up a Word Doc and write story after story. I've been working on getting my writing out there, in a blog, on the internet, in a book, for as long as I can remember. As long as I had a place to store my writing, I was happy. I spent so much time writing and creating different websites for my writing, that I've found a simple style and system for creating attractive blogs.

I love creating a simple, fresh, and minimalistic blog design.  I know how it feels to have a blog you are in love with, and I want to help you feel proud when you scroll through your page.

A sneak peak at looks I've created...

Soul Network

The blog design covers up to 5 pages, includes a consultation (of course) so we can create your perfect vibe, and a review + edit before finalizing.