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My Number One Self Care Tip

My Number One Self Care Tip

Because of how often I recommend this self care tip, and how many people commented about this on my busyness post, I’m diving into the one thing that allows me to hit the next week refreshed: the nothing day. 

 So what exactly is a “nothing day”?

Every week I have one day where I don’t make any plans. I spend the day by myself, at home, and get away from the stress of my day to day. Anything from face masks and bubble baths, to a Netflix binge, to writing and drinking so much coffee, I just do whatever I feel. And sometimes, that’s nothing. 

Why is this day beneficial for you?  

Well, there’s just something freeing about not having to be anything for anyone for a full day. My hair in a bun, no makeup on, a serious sweatpants and baggy T-shirt situation, and knowing I don’t have to get off the couch for any reason. At this point, I’ve been in the habit of taking a day to myself for so long that if I skip it and have plans every day for a week, I feel it. I feel less refreshed, less motivated, and easily overwhelmed. It’s so easy to fill the calendar and never stop to actually listen to yourself. Oh, and because a sabbath is Biblical. Which leads me to my next q...

When did you start doing this? 

It’s been years. I started giving myself a day of rest after wrestling with the idea of Selah (meaning stop and listen) and how it applies to us in this culture. We see this word in Psalms over and over again, and I read about rest in the Bible then looked out into the world and saw so much chaos and stress. I knew then, at 20 years old, that this wouldn’t be a culture I subscribed to. I would walk peacefully, boldly, and unapologetically to the beat of my own drum, which just happens to be much slower than most of the rhythms in this world. 

I know that people are in different walks of life with different responsibilities, and I’m not telling you to slack on the people relying on you. I just hope that, if you have the same gentle stirring in your soul that I did... the one that feels like the back and forth and constant going just isn’t right for you... that you give yourself permission to rest. Because I know there are so many people who can function on less sleep and more commitments than I can, but I also know that isn’t who I am. And it’s easy to feel guilty and want to get up and run with the people who are always on... but I’ve learned to let go of that and just embrace the inner calm that my spirit needs. 


Setting Your Creative Space

Setting Your Creative Space