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Setting Your Creative Space

Setting Your Creative Space

I’ve always been in tune with my environment. It was annoying when I was younger and couldn’t figure out why I constantly had to get up and change the music, open windows to let in sunshine, light a candle, etc., anytime I had friends over. I was intuitively shifting things to create a calmer, more open and welcoming environment, and I had no idea that’s what I was doing. And tbh, most people don’t really notice those details any way. But I know the environment makes a difference in our moods, even if other people don’t recognize it. Like think about some of your favorite places to be. Why do you love it? Is it because there is a lot of light, or  because the space is calming, or because it spurs creativity? I know my favorite places have a lot of that. That’s why people love working at coffee shops… the environment just encourages creativity.

And that’s why I get specific when I’m settling in to write, or design, or even plan out meals for the week. Honestly, the more moody and in tune I am, the better my creativity is. So, here’s a sneak peak into what my creative space looks like.

  1. It’s clean. Before I open my laptop or notebook, I have to clean up around my work area. I can’t function with clutter (more on how clutter affects my mood here). It makes me feel weighed down and i prefer to have a blank space.

  2. All the beverages. I usually have a cappuccino (thanks to the espresso machine from my wedding registry), a water bottle, and sometimes sparkling water, kombucha, or coconut water (or fruit/mint infused water). I’m just into, first of all, hydration, and second of all, you are what you put into your body. And I need something to mindlessly sip on while writing.

  3. I make it moody. I put on some chill music, light a candle, turn on my diffuser, or even burn some palo santo. Windows open because I always work by sunlight or a lamp if it’s dark out. Turning on lights isn’t really my thing.

  4. Set the scene. All about the minimalist decor, an indoor plant, and a chic notebook. Looking at a perfectly decorated desk or coffee table just makes me feel confident enough to write well.

  5. Get comfortable. I know some people are all about dressing up if they are working from home, and I think that’s great for them. But I feel best in yogas, a tank or crop top, and a face mask. I’m actually pretty committed to never wearing jeans again, so we’ll see how that goes. I’ll keep you guys updated. If I’m producing content I need to be in my element. And my element just happens to be more chill than most. Plus, if I’m dressing up for anything I’ll be in a sundress and a sundress plus sitting cross legged in a computer chair kind of defeats the purpose of dressing up anyway. I mean, I can only do so much, ya’ll.

  6. Get distracted. Not in like a “watch tv or look at my phone” way, but if I have a specific project I’m working on I always write out something fun first. Whether I write a fiction short story, add to a book I’ve been writing for the last two years, or just a few one liners to get my creative, moody brain going, I work on anything but the project I need to work on. And once I’ve accomplished something that brings me joy and allows me to be freely creative in a way that isn’t constricted to a certain theme or topic (like most of my projects) I’m able to approach what I’m working on in a brave and creative mood and can really give my best. Because doing things that seem counterproductive are sometimes the best way to launch into creativity. Like how resting makes you work harder? 

So those are pretty much all my secrets. But my advice to you is not to follow any of them at all, but to make your own creative vibe. Because I didn’t pick these tips up from anywhere, I just did what made me happy and now it’s sort of a secret sauce (hate that term) for my creativity. And I hope you find your own.

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