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Authenticity and chill. Never known how to live by any other rules.

I 100% promise you I'd rather be at the beach than where I am at right now, but I'm glad you're right where you are, cause it brought you to me.

The Minimalism Series

The Minimalism Series

Clouded. That's how it feels in a room surrounded by clutter. But it isn't just the room that feels that way. No, it's all of my thoughts, too. Distracting from the tasks I need to do and immobilizing any action, clutter clouds the space. Excess screams out at my attention, calling my time to spend itself on menial task after menial task, and never on what really needs to be done. There is no accomplishing dreams in clutter, no new ideas, just what has to be done right in front of you.

I have the extreme burden and superpower of having a mood that is intricately tied to my environment. If the scene isn't set for comfort, productivity, calming aesthetics, and even a little vibey, I feel it within. It's a burden because most people don't feel that way, and don't notice the minor changes that boost or belittle my mood. And for all of the reasons it's a burden, it's also a benefit. I can walk into a room and see what needs to be changed in order to create a warm environment. I know how to create comfort from nothing and am in tune to how environment plays a part in other peoples moods, even if they don't see it themselves.

There has been this transitional shift in the priorities of the young majority, and I am overjoyed to see this on the horizon. Our generation has moved away from the accumulative excess lifestyle of our parents, and we've started to seek experiences over items. In fact, we've started to find a joy in growing our souls instead of our possessions.

In an attempt not to recreate the multitude of minimalism blogs and articles, I won't be giving any tips or a guide to minimalism. That can be found elsewhere. My only hope is to display the vibe behind it: by trading the focus on possessions for meaningful moments, we gain a life and let go of everything that holds us back.

If you are joining the rest of us who want to live free of clouded excess, follow along with the Minimalism Series. Brought to you by Law and Lattes, a relatable blog written for young professionals and law students, Kelsi uses this platform to highlight living well and working hard. By creating harmony between professionalism and a chic lifestyle, she shows off her knowledge in classic Elle Woods style.

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