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The Busy Girl's Guide to a Peaceful Morning

The Busy Girl's Guide to a Peaceful Morning

Mornings, like anything else, are only worth what you put in. The feel-good a.m. vibe doesn't just happen, it has to be created. Here are a few ways to create a morning routine that inspires you and sets a good day in motion and a few ways I turned my mornings around.


Take Care of You
Re-do your bun, brush your teeth, maybe toss on a face mask. Spend the first few minutes doing something that makes you feel beautiful. The biggest morning mistake I used to make was rushing out of bed and immediately starting tasks. I wasn’t very productive, an hour later I still felt like crap, and it made me wake up later because I dreaded the chores I had to do. Now that I wake up and immediately do something that makes me feel good, I enjoy the morning.

Get Moving
Whether I change into workout clothes and head outside for a brisk walk/jog or shuffle to the yoga mat (pajamas and all) for a morning stretch, squeezing in 15-20 minutes to move and think always refreshes me.

A Healthy Breakfast
I whip up smoothie bowls, avocado toast, grab some healthy muffins if I've meal prepped, maybe a big bowl of fruit, and definitely some coconut water or fruit infused water. Coffee? You know it. I usually buy cold brew ahead of time to take away a step. I take this kitchen time to make sure my lunch + snacks for the day are ready to go. If I have enough time, I'll also do a few dishes and wipe down my counters. Whatever eating a good breakfast looks like for you, take a few minutes to fuel your body.

Time to Chill
Spending a few minutes doing something you love in the morning will make you feel like the day is yours. I eat breakfast or drink coffee on my couch anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour eating, reading the Bible, scrolling through instagram + Facebook, working on my website, etc. I spend some time just enjoying the morning (sometimes I just drink coffee and stare). I always take a few minutes to reset my living room and put things away. I also love drinking coffee on the porch while my dog plays outside.

Get Ready
I try to give myself at least an hour (more if I need to wash my hair) to play some music, jump in the shower, do my hair and makeup, and find an outfit that makes me feel good. If I’m running late I try to cut my getting ready time by putting on a simple face of makeup and wearing a bun for the day.

Ready to Go
I grab my planner and a spare coffee or sparkling water, my food for the day then throw as much as I can into my huge purse and walk out the door.


My mornings are about figuring out a way to enjoy the time I have instead of losing that time to a frenzied, mad dash out the front door. I know that everyone's morning looks different, I don't have kids and I don't have to leave for work until 8, so it’s easy to take some me time. It isn't easy for everyone. But if there's any way you can add a little joy to your morning routine, it really is worth it.

Pro tip: I always take the scenic route to work.  

It's worth noting that I didn't just wake up to a great morning routine one day, I slowly added things in. I used to wake up and go straight to breakfast, but eventually I realized that a workout would make me feel better. When I went straight to a workout, I realized I would feel better if I spent a few minutes washing my face and brushing my teeth first. I started adding in chores when I realized how tired I was at the end of the day and how much better I felt walking into a picked up house.

This routine was created over time, so start slow and make it what YOU enjoy. The rest will come. What changes could you make to help you enjoy your morning more? Let me know in the comments! 

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