"All the time, all the wasted time, all of those years, so many wasted years. I spent so long waiting for a sign, to think I had it all, had it all the time.

All the time, I'd given everything I'd own, if someone would have said, you are not alone. All the time, I'd given everything I had, if someone would have said, you are not that bad..."

All The Time by D.H. Boe


   I love a good book and a good adventure, and of course, a good cup of coffee. I'll take honest conversations and a late brunch over just about anything. Things are right when my home is in order, filled with family and friends, food, and laughter. I love road trips, date nights, last minute vacations, and staying at the beach for far too long. Nothing fills my soul like painting furniture. My life is an unending process of growing my soul and getting closer to heaven.

I’m married to my dream come true and he’s every bit as creative and kind as I’d hoped my love would be. I am currently working on my Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership from the College of Biblical Studies and I spend most of my days working with young women at a local nonprofit. Cue my love of coffee and honest conversations. The bulk of my experience and studies are related to loving people where they are as they grow a little closer to living well and feeling freedom. I started writing this blog after many years of those people telling me that my words meant something to them, at some point, while they grew. I wish my words had been easily earned, but anything worth repeating is rarely learned without scars. While I won’t tell you that having priorities and healing and balance is easily gained, I will tell you that it is much easier than living without it.

This world (especially this digital world) has so many words, so I will try to keep mine few. There are many places you can go to get the same message I’m writing, but I hope you know that my words are backed with love and hope for your journey. I want to hear your stories and your hurts and all the ways you’ve grown. I hope you know that where you are right now, hurting or hoping or otherwise, is exactly where everyone else would be if they had lived your life. I also hope you know that where you are is not your final place and your life has so many more steps and adventures to take.

Though I try to keep this blog light-hearted, it is not done with ignorance of the pain this life hands us. As we walk together, know that I understand what being on this earth can cost, so I choose to keep my words as joy-focused as possible to show you that there is more.

These are the days, and I hope you hang out with me for awhile.